Fears and promises

Now that I have spent many hours solely in my bedroom, I don’t want to leave! My bedroom is safe and comfortable and I am finding myself reluctant to give it up. To anyone who doesn’t know, I have a huge phobia of throwing up which has expanded to being afraid of illness in general. And in my head, the further I am away from home, the more likely it is that I will get ill but recently I have made a promise to myself that my phobia will not control the choices that I make which is why (in 2 minutes time) I am going to Costa to have coffee with a friend.

I am a psychology student and I have studied phobias, what they are, where they come from and I understand that nearly every single person has them so I know full well that I am not alone.


Coffee was great and stress free which I guess I always knew it would be but still, I don’t control what I feel! I also did some ironing which is surprisingly relaxing so that was an unexpected bonus to my otherwise regular afternoon

Stay fearless!


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