A trip behind the gates of boredom

I finished my exams over a week ago and I am already running out of things to.

I have binged watched so many episodes of Awkward that I am starting to feel guilty about wasting time that could be spent doing more productive things like saving the world. Yes that is a little drastic but it is still two and a half weeks till we go to Tenerife (my dad, my grandma and I) and all of my friends already have plans becasue they are all packing for their holidays.

I haven’t left the house in TWO days and in those TWO days, I have done nothing with my life but sit around whilst everyone else around me makes something of theirs. Although now I am saying this, I now realise that I can’t complain becasue its my fault that I am being so lazy so if I want to “find light within my deep dark cave of despair” (my bedroom) then I would have to make it happen. And so I will.


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